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At Reboy Supply, we take a lot of pride in making sure our customers are getting the freshest animal feed possible. We rotate our feed with every order that comes in to our warehouse with the goal of turning over our entire feed inventory in a two week period. It means that when you buy from Reboy Supply, you are getting the freshest feed possible, with the most available nutrients that Blue Seal® puts into their products being available to your animals for good health.

All Blue Seal® Feeds Feature

Excellent Quality - Premium Ingredients - Fixed Formulas - Chelated Trace Minerals - Added B-Vitamins including Biotin and Added Vitamin C.

Sentinel® is a result of pressure-cooking, combining moisture, heat and pressure. Horses have a very sensitive digestive tract, and pressure-cooked feed provides the best in nutrition and digestion. While pressure cooking is not new, this method of feeding is relatively new to the equine industry.

No matter what your goal... top competition, progressive training sessions, successful trail riding, developing a young athlete or a lifetime of good health, superior nutrition is key factor in achieving that goal. The body needs nutrients to grow and develop, to progress to gain strength and stamina, and to maintain tissue integrity. The right nutritional program will help equine athletes improve performance and prevent body breakdown when engaging in athletic activities. Dynasty Horse Feeds exceed the need and will provide horses with that nutritional edge.

Dynasty horse feeds start with pure and natural compounds. High-quality ingredients are specifically balanced and formulated in a variety of products to provide optimum nutrition for every life stage and every activity or performance level.

Analysis of Equine Products
Blue Seal® ProductsFormCrude Protein Min. %Crude Fat Min. %Crude Fiber Max. %Pounds per Quart
Horse 10Textured103.56.51.25
Vintage Victory®Textured1010110.95
Vintage Sweet™Textured12870.95
Vintage Racer®Textured12.58101.15
Vintage Versatility™Textured1410111.25
Vintage® Mare & FoalTextured1658.50.95
Min-A-Vite Lite™Pelleted103.58.51.45
Hay Stretcher PelsLarge Pellet11.52201.4
Dynasty® Show 12/6Pellet1269
Dynasty® Pro 14/6Pellet14610
Dynasty® Grow 16/6Pellet16612
Dynasty® Senior 14/6Pellet14616
Dynasty® XT Show 12/10Textured121015
Dynasty® XT Pro 14/10Textured141017
Dynasty® XT Grow 16/10Textured161017