Blue Seal Feeds for Turkeys, Ducks, and Game Birds

ProductTextureCrude Protein Min.%Crude Fat Min.%
Crude Fiber Max.%
Turkey / Game Bird Starter (Medicated)Crumbles28.00%4.50%4.00%
Turkey GrowerPellets20.00%4.50%4.00%
Turkey Grower-HS (Medicated)*Pellets20.00%4.50%4.00%
Game Bird CrumblesCrumbles20.00%4.50%4.00%
Fat and Finish PelletsPellets18.00%4.50%3.50%
Grower Cal PelletsPellets15.00%3.00%4.00%

*Turkey Grower-HS (Medicated) contains Nitarsone for prevention of blackhead in turkeys and should be fed continuously as long as there is a danger of infection. Do not feed to ducks, geese, or dogs. Read directions before using.