Blue Seal Wild Bird Feed

Blue Seal wild bird feeds do not contain any red seeds such as red milo and red millet. Birds do not prefer these seeds.

Blue Seal Premium Wild Bird Feeds

Not Seeing as many birds at your feeders

Not Seeing as many birds at your feeders

You might of noticed that you didn't see as many birds at your feeders this summer. That is because there was an abundant amount of natural food so birds didn't visit your feeders as often.


High-energy mix with extra high levels of black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower chips and white safflower, blended with peanut hearts and white millet. Concerto is formulated for Cardinals, Finches, Grosbeaks and more. it is an exceptional winter feed. Also it is a no-corn mix that helps discourage black birds.

Nature's Choice

Is a high-energy premium blend with generous amounts of black oil sunflower and white safflower seeds, as well as striped sunflower and sunflower chips, peanut hearts, cracked corn and white millet. Chickadees, Nuthatches and the Tufted Titmouse, as well as a variety of Finches and Northern Cardinals are drawn to this mix.

Song Maker Supreme

Is an excellent mix of black oil sunflower and striped sunflower seeds, combined with sunflower chips, peanut hearts, cracked corn and white millet. This mix will attract woodland dwelling birds such as Chickadees, Nuthatches and the Tufted Titmouse.

Song Maker

Is a nutritious blend of a wide variety of seeds such as black oil sunflower, sunflower chips, peanut hearts, cracked corn, and white millet. Dark-eyed Junco, Eastern Towhee, Grey Catbird, Sparrows and the Tufted Titmouse are among those who will favor this mix.

Sing Along

is a mix of fine-cracked corn, white millet, sunflower seeds and peanut hearts. This is our recommended mix for many ground feeding birds like the Dark-eyed Juncos, Eastern Towhees, Indigo Buntings and Morning Doves.

Tips for attracting wild birds

Birds will frequent your feeders more if you provide a consistent, reliable source of feed.

Setting out a bird bath and providing clean, fresh water will also attract birds not normally drawn to feeders.

Both bird feeders and bird baths should be cleaned periodically and the food supply kept fresh to provide a healthy feeding environment.

Select a feeder and location appropriate for the birds you would like to attract. Place feeders in a quite place where they are easy to see and convenient to refill. Ideally, it is best t put them close to natural shelter, such as trees or shrubs, which offer resting places for birds between feedings and a quick escape from predators.

Attracting birds to a new bird feeder is best done in the summer or early fall as birds are exploring and by fall are looking for feeding sources for the winter. In the winter months wild birds limit their travels to known feeding sources to conserve energy. Place an aluminum pie pan on the ground below the bird feeder and sprinkle some seed on the pie pan. The birds will be attracted to the pie pan as it will reflect sunlight and they will go to it and find the feed, from there they will easily find the bird feeder.

Straight Seeds

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Ultra clean seed, assures not sticks or twigs. Has very thin shells, easy for almost all birds to crack open. Very high in fat. 20lb & 40lb.

Striped Sunflower Seed

Striped Sunflower Seed

Has a thick shell, much harder for house sparrows and black birds to open. 25lb & 50lb.

White Safflower Seed

White Safflower Seed

Has a thick shell and is harder for some birds to open. It is a favorite of cardinals, other birds that eat is are grosbeaks, chickadees, doves and sparrows. 5lb & 50lb.

Sunflower Chips

Sunflower Chips

A favorite of finches, chickadees, grosbeaks, nuthatches without the waste of shells. 5lb & 50lb.

Peanut Hearts

Peanut Hearts

Are very popular with blue jays, chickadees, titmice and woodpeckers. Must be kept dry, use up quickly to prevent aflatoxins. 5lb & 50lb.

White Proso Millet

White Proso Millet

Is a favorite of ground feeding birds such as towhees, juncos, doves, and cardinals. 5lb & 50lb.

Fine Cracked Corn

Fine Cracked Corn

Attractive to ground feeding birds. Our cracked corn is cut with knives instead of cracking to prevent fines. 5lb, 25lb, & 50lb.

Coarse Cracked Corn 5lb, 25lb, & 50lb.

Nyjer (Thistle) Seed

Nyjer (Thistle) Seed

Is a favorite of gold finches, house finches and chickadees. Has to be feed in a thistle sock or feeder designed for this seed. This seed is sterilized to keep from growing. 5lb & 25lb.

We also stock a wide variety of suet cakes.

Birder's Secret Wild Bird Feeds

Available in 6lb & 20lb bags.

Birder's Secret Cardinal Mix

Cardinal's love sunflower and safflower seed, and Birder's Secret Cardinal Mix is the perfect choice to satisfy their appetites. Cardinals prefer not to perch and easily drawn to platform-type feeders placed no more than four feet from the ground and reasonably close to shelter.

Ingredients: Black oil sunflower, safflower seed, striped sunflower seed, sunflower chips and whole buckwheat.

Birder's Secret Wild Finch Mix

Enjoy the beautiful bouquet of colorful birds like American Goldfinch, Purple Finch, House finch, Redpoll and Pine Siskin with this premium seed blend. It contains high levels of small sunflower chips and nyjer seed, and is a fine-textured blend designed to be fed in a finch feeder.

Ingredients: Small sunflower chips, nyjer seed, white proso millet, canary seed, small golden millet, flax seed and orange oil.

Birder's Secret Woodpecker Mix

This high-protein, high-energy coarse textured hearty blend contains a generous level of peanuts, tasty dehulled sunflower seed, sunflower chips, coarse cracked corn, pistachio nuts, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seed and cranberries. Birder's Secret Woodpecker Mix is perfect for attracting Hairy Woodpeckers, Downey Woodpeckers, Red-belled Woodpeckers and Northern Flickers.

Ingredients: Shelled Peanuts, Sunflower Chips, Coarse Cracked Corn, Pistachio Nuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Pumpkin Seeds, Cranberries.

Birder's Secret Neat Feast Mix

Is the ideal shell-free mix for patio, deck or garden feeding stations and a practical option for apartment and condominium dwellers, too. This mix contains dehulled sunflower seed, sunflower chips, shelled peanuts, coarse cracked corn, pistachio nuts, walnuts, pecans and pumpkin seed that appeals to a wide variety of birds.

Ingredients: Sunflower Chips, Shelled Peanuts, Coarse Cracked Corn, Pistachio Nuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Pumpkin Seeds.